The BraBall:
Atelier 31 Gallery

The BraBall at Atelier 31 Gallery
Seattle, Washington, April 2003
Judith Kindler, owner of the gallery Atelier 31, generously invited Emily to bring The BraBall to Seattle for inclusion in an invitational three-woman show on the subject of bras, The Bra Show. Also exhibiting were Seattle artists Angela Anderson, Lisa Sheets, and Adde Russell.

In addition to The BraBall, Emily designed and installed a display using some of the more unusual bras she's received, interspersed with copies of letters sent by bra donors. The exhibit was a huge success, and many bra donors from the Northwest were finally able to see what they've helped create.

Emily gave two artist talks, one for the general public at the opening reception, and another for members of the University of Washington's Center for Women & Democracy.

BraBall packed at the studio
The BraBall is wrapped in plastic and a cloth tarp, then strapped down to a shipping pallet for transport to Seattle.
Ernie lifts The BraBall
It took two tries, with separate drivers and different trucks, to get The BraBall out of the studio and on its way to Seattle.
Neighbors help move The BraBall
Into the truck
Thank goodness our neighbors are not only used to helping with The BraBall, but happened to be home the day it was being shipped. Easing 1,000 pounds of bras down a steep hill is a task calling for many strong hands. 1,000 thank-yous to our dear, understanding neighbors.
BraBall arrives at Atelier 31
The BraBall, remarkably, arrives at Atelier 31 in one piece. Gallery Associate Lara Culumber helps Emily install the bra display.
Emily & Lara install 2
Emily & Lara install 2
Installation of some of the more "Peculiar" bras and letters sent to The BraBall.
'Peculiar' bras
A few of the most tattered bras and saddest letters received.
'Most Loved' bras
Examples of "Desperate" and "Dangerous" bras (seductive, risque, and flashy) and letters with a feminist bent to them.
'Desperate' and 'Dangerous' bras
Display of bras and letters dealing with body image and consumer dissatisfaction.
'Dissatisfied' bras
Some of Emily's collograph paintings were also on display. And here's an overview of the entire installation.
Emily's collograph paintings
Installation complete
More shots of the entire installation during Emily's art talk for members of the Center for Women & Democracy.
Emily gives art talk 1
Women at artist talk
Emily gives art talk 2
'Bra girl looking at installation Emily gives art talk 3

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