The BraBall:

Here are some of the stories that have appeared about The BraBall. Also check the Updates page.

  • The New York Times, The Cups Runneth Over. Page A29. February 13, 2004.

  • USA Today Web Guide, The BraBall. September 24, 2003.

  • East Bay Express (Berkeley), week of September 10-16, 2003. Bottom Feeder column, by Will Harper.

  • SF Gate (San Francisco), ePicks, week of August 21-27, 2003, by Jan Richmond.

  • The Foundation Center (San Francisco), June, 2003. Arts Month Interviews (interview with Emily Duffy).

  • Lifetime Magazine, May/June, 2003. "Bent out of shape," by Jessica Seigel.

  • Art Access (Seattle), April, 2003. "Doing It For Themselves," by Molly Jane Rhodes.

  • The Examiner (San Francisco), November 28, 2002. "Having a ball with bras," by Nina Wu.

  • Berkeley Daily Planet, September 26, 2002. "For the Love of Dressing Up Cars," by Kim Melton.

  • East Bay Express, September 25, 2002. "Getting the Show on the Road," by Natasha Nargis.

  • Spotlight Health, March, 2002. "Betsey Johnson fashions fight against breast cancer / Support that fits," by Rachel Evans-Biermann, with medical adviser Stephen A. Shoop, M.D.

  • Picklebird (Los Angeles), March 7, 2002. "Interview with Emily Duffy - A Story of Support (Duffy vs. Nicolino)," by Edith Abeyta.

  • San Francisco Chronicle, January 29, 2002. "Vulva sculpture under cover," by Jesse Hamlin.

  • Parade Magazine, December 30, 2001. "The Best & Worst of Everything" ("Best Supporting Artist").

  • Minnesota Women's Press (Hot Flash), December 4, 2001. "Give new meaning to your old underwear," by Jennifer Thaney.

  • San Francisco Chronicle, October 13, 2001. Column by Josh Sens.

  • Tana's Habitat, October 12, 2001. "An Uplifting Tale," by Lora Hart.

  • Ms. Magazine, August/September, 2001 ("What?"). By Jennifer Block.

  • Der Spiegel (Germany), July 7, 2001. "Big Balls," by Alexander Osang.

  • Oakland Tribune, June 29, 2001. "Berkeley artist creates 700-pound ball of bras to 'demystify' the bra," by Rory Laverty. (online archive unavailable)

  • People Magazine, June 18, 2001. "Bra Brouhaha."

  • Metro (Silicon Valley/Santa Cruz, CA), May 31-June 6, 2001. "BraBall Brawl," by Sarah Phelan.

  • National Post (Toronto), May 29, 2001. "U.S. artists dispute claim to booby prize," by Joseph Brean.

  • The Times (England), May 29, 2001. "Legal bust-up over a second front for art," by Grace Bradberry.

  • San Francisco Chronicle, May 27, 2001. "Bay Area artists battle over giant bra balls," by Margie Mason (Associated Press). (article also appeared in many other publications)

  • The Daily Herald (suburban Chicago) May 15, 2001. "BraBall gives new life to feminist movement," by Deborah Barron (Medill News Service). (online archive unavailable)

  • Nervy Girl! ("the thinking woman's magazine"), May/June, 2001. "BraBall: An Uplifting Story," by Lisa Cannon. (print edition)

  • Diablo Magazine (Contra Costa County), May, 2001. "Emily Duffy is on a mission to make a giant ball of bras...," by Peter Crooks. (print edition)

  • Chicago Tribune, April 25, 2001. "Battle of the Bras," by Barbara Brotman.

  •, April 25, 2001. "Battle of the Giant BraBalls," by Buck Wolf (The Wolf Files).

  • San Francisco Chronicle, April 20, 2001. "Artists clash as "Big Giant Bra Ball' rolls into San Francisco," by Maitland Zane, Rona Marech.

  • The Pioneer (California State University at Hayward), April 19, 2001. "East Bay Artist's Cup Runneth Over As Supporters Enter BraBall Fray," by Amy Doan. (print edition)

  •, April 18, 2001. "The saga of the Bra Ball," by Amy Benfer.

  • Oakland Tribune, March 23, 2001. "El Cerrito artist straps 2,200 bras into uplifting sculpture," by Angela Hill. (online archive unavailable)

  • Contra Costa Times, March 23, 2001. "Brash art built with brassieres," by Karen Hershenson. (online archive unavailable without payment)

  • East Bay Express, March 16, 2001. "Presenting the BraBall," by Lisa Drostova. (online archive unavailable)

  • San Francisco Chronicle, March 16, 2001. "El Cerrito Artist's BraBall Inspires a Show of Support," by Rona Marech.

  • USA Today, March 16, 2001. "'BraBall' dispute unhooks a creative collaboration. A one-of-a-kind concept uplifts, then separates, a pair of Bay Area artists," by Gregg Zoroya. (online archive unavailable without payment)

  • San Francisco Chronicle, January 10, 2001. Leah Garchik's column, following up on controversy.

  • San Francisco Chronicle, October 30, 2000. Leah Garchik's column that started it all.


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  • BBC Radio (British Broadcasting Corporation), April 24, 2001.

  • WCCO-FM (Minneapolis, MN), March 21, 2001.

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